Best Masters Tournaments of All Time

The Masters is a considered one of the time honored championship tournaments of golf. The tournament was first established in 1933 and over the years the course has changed as have the players. All of the All-time greats have played and most have won here.

Over those years The Masters have had moments that have been frozen in time. For the golf fans all over the world some of these moments stand out more than others. When it comes to choosing the five best moments in a tournament that spans well over eighty years it can become debatable over what moments are truly the best. However, here some moments in the history of the Masters that may stand out for golf fans the most.

5. 1997 Tiger Woods First Win

Yes, Woods would go on to win a few more over the years.  So, what made 1997 stand out over all and be a memorable moment in the history of this golf championship? And, for him.  Well, not only did Woods will by shooting -18 which is impressive in itself but he also won by a 12 stroke margin of victory. This is a feat that was never done before and has never been matched again not even by Woods himself in his other two victories in the tournament.

4. 2004 Phil Mickelson’s first Win in 2004

All right so there have been many tournaments in The Masters and many winners what made Mickelson’s win stand out. Well, first Mickelson seem like one of the good guys of golf. Fans seem to like him and root for him. He seem like the underdog that everyone seem to rally around. So, when he won in 2004 for the the first time many were overjoyed and it was at that moment that Mickelson became one of the noted players in golf. Like Woods he would go onto win a few more times just cementing himself all the more as one of true champions of the sport.  It also emphasized the fact he was a worthy rival to Tiger Woods.

3. Arnold Palmer’s Win in 1958

When the sport of golf is discussed there will no doubt be certain names that will always be mentioned. Among them no doubt Arnold Palmer will be there. Palmer won the Masters an unprecedented four times beginning with this victory. To this day Palmer could be arguably considered one of the greats of the sport of golf. Even those who weren’t even born at the time he hit the golf course know all too well whom Arnold Palmer is, especially if they follow the sport of golf.

2. 1975 Three-Way Battle to Victory

This could be considered one of the nail biter moments in The Masters. The tournament came down to three great players going head to head for who would win the title. It came down to another great of the game Jack Nicklaus going head to head with top contenders Johnny Miller and Tom Weiskopf. In the end Nicklaus would be victorious but only by one shot which says how close this was. Another notable moment about this tournament it was the first time an African American actually played in it.  Lee Elder who didn’t make the final cut but still paved the way for other players to come along including Tiger Woods.

1. 1942 Sudden Death Match

This was another nail biter for the tournament and one that perhaps was needed to save the tournament itself. At the time the club was near bankruptcy and also because of the US going into WWII the tournament would face a three year pause as the war effort took place. So, a whole lot was riding on 1942 being profitable and it was. The highlight of which was Byron Nelson being able to beat out Ben Hogan in sudden death. It was these two men actually taking one another on in a nail biting duel that lead to the tournament coming back after WWII. So, this tournament certainly earns it’s place in history because it helped to keep the Masters going.

Top 10 Golfers Of All-Time

There is a long list of excellent all-time golfers. But, in my opinion there are some players who do stand out from the rest. These are superior professionals who get noticed for their particular talent and abilities. In the golf world, there are many exceptional players. I have actually devised this list in order to inform you of the best-of-the-best or the greatest of the great all-time.

The Top Ten

These ten professionals have stood out to me. The top ten golfers include the following:

Tiger Woods

This is a name that is expected to be among the top all-time best golfers. He rose quickly to the top. It is safe to claim that it was Woods who played a large role in changing the entire sport of golf. Tiger Woods began an amazing golf journey starting back in April of 1997 with his Masters win. Woods has so many memorable moments throughout his career, it is hard to pick one great golf moment.

Jack Nicklaus

It would be a true statement to claim that Nicklaus has brought out the best in other golfers, including Woods. These would include his opponents. He is a person who possesses great strength along with his many skills. He has offered the golf world excellence. He is impressive in so many ways. He is deserving of the top ten status.

Sam Snead

He is a natural and he is so smooth in his game. He has a superior swing that appears to be ingrained in his abilities. He has been called Slammin’ Sammy for good reason and by many. His win record is over the top. He is highly impressive in every way

Arnold Palmer

He brought the game of golf into the living rooms of many. He is viewed as one of the most important players. He has even been called King Palmer

Ben Hogan

Hogan was a highly focused golf player. He is best known for his excellent swing. He was not one who relies on modern technology to improve his game. He used his own abilities to win and excel in the game of golf. He is known as a great shotmaker. He is one of the best that the golf world has seen.

Bobby Jones

Bobby was one of the very brightest sports professionals. He is a true legend and those who watched him play and were in awe of his golf abilities

Tom Watson

He is a professional who has been known to dominate a tournament. He is a winner in the game of golf. Include the winning of eight majors. Triumph and Watson are a team of their own

Gene Sarazen

It should be noted that Sarazen holds a high place in the game of golf. He, of course, is known mainly for one single shot. This one shot is an impressive golf story that is well-known to many when he made a double eagle at the Masters.

Phil Mickelson

Many individuals have expected Mickelson to excel in every aspect of golf. He is a person who expects a lot from himself too. He has had his share of success in the game of golf. His history includes many great rounds. He is well-known and so many people get overly excited to be a part of any tournament that includes Phil Mickelson.

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Tigers Best Wins of All-Time

Tiger Woods is till regarded as one the greatest golfers in the world before his knee surgeries and the scandal. The ’97 Masters is where it all begun and is one of the best Masters ever, and he became the first non-white person to get victorious at Augusta and at the time, his 12-stroke win was the most a major championship had been won by. With more than ten years of supremacy and accolades unduplicated in the modern sports world, he is still a favorite to watch.

The 2008 U.S. Open

Tiger Woods put on a performance in the third round of the 108th U.S. Open Championship that awed many. His left knee was severely injured, but Woods roared back from a five-stroke deficit with six holes left to lead at Torrey Pines. They went back and forth, facing tie or elimination, Woods stroked the putt, and it went into the hole inside the right edge. This elevated Tiger to the status of Nicklaus, as both had been victorious in the US Open at least three times. It was his 14th major title for Woods, made his unbeaten streak to 14-0 when tied or leading a major tournament after 54 holes.

The 2007 PGA Championship

On a hot day in a course that had not been favorable to him, Woods started the 89th PGA title with a 1-over-par 71, leaving him six strokes behind the lead. Woods later took control of the tournament with a setting a record of 63 in the second round to jump two strokes in front of Scott Verplank. The was his 59th victory on the PGA TOUR and his 13th major championship. He managed 13-0 in majors when leading or tied after 54 holes.

The 2006 PGA Championship

Being in control from the beginning, Woods made it to his 12th major championship, jumping to second place on the list behind Jack Nicklaus, his top rival. He played a closing round 4-under-par 68 and managed three in a week. Woods had been victorious in the 1999 PGA at Medinah making him the first golfer to win the tournament at the same course. This win made him the fifth player to hold three or more PGA titles, and winning each one by at least five strokes. This success made Wood the first golfer to ever take the PGA title two times on the same course, and the first in the era of the modern Grand Slam to win two major championships in consecutive years.

The 2006 British Open

In the 2006 British Open Tiger Woods played a controlled, meticulous golf and exhibited mental toughness during the game, he pulled away for a two-stroke winning against over Chris DiMarco in the 135th Open Championship. Woods claimed his third Claret Jug is making him the first back-to-back winner since Tom Watson in 1982-83.

The 2005 British Open

In the Open Championship, Woods took the early lead, opening with rounds of 66 and 67. After combating extreme conditions on Saturday, Woods’ third-cycle 71 putting him ahead Jose Maria Olazabal with a two-shot lead. Colin Montgomerie and Olazabal, who were favorites, attempted to keep up some fresh energy Sunday, yet Tiger’s knowledge of St. Andrews demonstrated and as he went from a nine to a five-shot win. With the triumph, Woods and Jack Nicklaus are the main players to win the grand slam two times.

Top Rivals to Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time.  But, have you ever wondered who his biggest rivals were?  Not just he played against, but in the annals of history how does he compare with the all-time greats?

These are players who have played the best and provided the toughest challenge to Tiger being known as the best player. Throughout the years that he has played golf, he has been able to provide the best opposition to the players who he has played with.

He has been compared to some players with extra ordinary skills who have given him the biggest rivalry in the game.  Here is our top list.

1. Jack Nicklaus

This is the opponent that many people regard as the best.  His accomplishments offer the highest level of competition to Tiger Woods. Many people also say that to some extent this golfer is better than Tiger Woods but it’s difficult to make a direct comparison due to playing in different eras.

He had the skills and knowledge on how to best play the game and even Tiger himself has acknowledged that he is one of the best players ever. He has the record that Tiger sought most in terms of total major victories.

2. Trevor Immelman

Many people refer to him as the one hit wonder who was able to offer the best competition to Woods in his career. He took Tiger down in one of the best Masters tournaments of all time.  Though he didn’t go head to head with Woods many other times and didn’t win near as many tournaments.

3. Phil Mickelson

This is one of the players who have had the ability to win three major tournaments. He took down Tiger at the Masters back in 2004.  How good would Mickelson have been if he didn’t have to go directly against Tiger in his prime?  He could have won a lot more golf tournaments.

4. Ben Hogan

Though he struggled for many years to become a good golf player, Ben was able to accomplish a lot after he figured things out.  Known as having an excellent swing and an unmatched work ethic, he really paved the way for Palmer and Nicklaus.

5. Bobby Jones

The original pioneer of American golf.  He won more times than anyone else during his era.  He dominated all amateur and professional golf.  He won the grand slam of golf and is considered to be one of the all-time greats for good reason.

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