Top 10 Golfers Of All-Time

There is a long list of excellent all-time golfers. But, in my opinion there are some players who do stand out from the rest. These are superior professionals who get noticed for their particular talent and abilities. In the golf world, there are many exceptional players. I have actually devised this list in order to inform you of the best-of-the-best or the greatest of the great all-time.

The Top Ten

These ten professionals have stood out to me. The top ten golfers include the following:

Tiger Woods

This is a name that is expected to be among the top all-time best golfers. He rose quickly to the top. It is safe to claim that it was Woods who played a large role in changing the entire sport of golf. Tiger Woods began an amazing golf journey starting back in April of 1997 with his Masters win. Woods has so many memorable moments throughout his career, it is hard to pick one great golf moment.

Jack Nicklaus

It would be a true statement to claim that Nicklaus has brought out the best in other golfers, including Woods. These would include his opponents. He is a person who possesses great strength along with his many skills. He has offered the golf world excellence. He is impressive in so many ways. He is deserving of the top ten status.

Sam Snead

He is a natural and he is so smooth in his game. He has a superior swing that appears to be ingrained in his abilities. He has been called Slammin’ Sammy for good reason and by many. His win record is over the top. He is highly impressive in every way

Arnold Palmer

He brought the game of golf into the living rooms of many. He is viewed as one of the most important players. He has even been called King Palmer

Ben Hogan

Hogan was a highly focused golf player. He is best known for his excellent swing. He was not one who relies on modern technology to improve his game. He used his own abilities to win and excel in the game of golf. He is known as a great shotmaker. He is one of the best that the golf world has seen.

Bobby Jones

Bobby was one of the very brightest sports professionals. He is a true legend and those who watched him play and were in awe of his golf abilities

Tom Watson

He is a professional who has been known to dominate a tournament. He is a winner in the game of golf. Include the winning of eight majors. Triumph and Watson are a team of their own

Gene Sarazen

It should be noted that Sarazen holds a high place in the game of golf. He, of course, is known mainly for one single shot. This one shot is an impressive golf story that is well-known to many when he made a double eagle at the Masters.

Phil Mickelson

Many individuals have expected Mickelson to excel in every aspect of golf. He is a person who expects a lot from himself too. He has had his share of success in the game of golf. His history includes many great rounds. He is well-known and so many people get overly excited to be a part of any tournament that includes Phil Mickelson.

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