Best Masters Tournaments of All Time

The Masters is a considered one of the time honored championship tournaments of golf. The tournament was first established in 1933 and over the years the course has changed as have the players. All of the All-time greats have played and most have won here.

Over those years The Masters have had moments that have been frozen in time. For the golf fans all over the world some of these moments stand out more than others. When it comes to choosing the five best moments in a tournament that spans well over eighty years it can become debatable over what moments are truly the best. However, here some moments in the history of the Masters that may stand out for golf fans the most.

5. 1997 Tiger Woods First Win

Yes, Woods would go on to win a few more over the years.  So, what made 1997 stand out over all and be a memorable moment in the history of this golf championship? And, for him.  Well, not only did Woods will by shooting -18 which is impressive in itself but he also won by a 12 stroke margin of victory. This is a feat that was never done before and has never been matched again not even by Woods himself in his other two victories in the tournament.

4. 2004 Phil Mickelson’s first Win in 2004

All right so there have been many tournaments in The Masters and many winners what made Mickelson’s win stand out. Well, first Mickelson seem like one of the good guys of golf. Fans seem to like him and root for him. He seem like the underdog that everyone seem to rally around. So, when he won in 2004 for the the first time many were overjoyed and it was at that moment that Mickelson became one of the noted players in golf. Like Woods he would go onto win a few more times just cementing himself all the more as one of true champions of the sport.  It also emphasized the fact he was a worthy rival to Tiger Woods.

3. Arnold Palmer’s Win in 1958

When the sport of golf is discussed there will no doubt be certain names that will always be mentioned. Among them no doubt Arnold Palmer will be there. Palmer won the Masters an unprecedented four times beginning with this victory. To this day Palmer could be arguably considered one of the greats of the sport of golf. Even those who weren’t even born at the time he hit the golf course know all too well whom Arnold Palmer is, especially if they follow the sport of golf.

2. 1975 Three-Way Battle to Victory

This could be considered one of the nail biter moments in The Masters. The tournament came down to three great players going head to head for who would win the title. It came down to another great of the game Jack Nicklaus going head to head with top contenders Johnny Miller and Tom Weiskopf. In the end Nicklaus would be victorious but only by one shot which says how close this was. Another notable moment about this tournament it was the first time an African American actually played in it.  Lee Elder who didn’t make the final cut but still paved the way for other players to come along including Tiger Woods.

1. 1942 Sudden Death Match

This was another nail biter for the tournament and one that perhaps was needed to save the tournament itself. At the time the club was near bankruptcy and also because of the US going into WWII the tournament would face a three year pause as the war effort took place. So, a whole lot was riding on 1942 being profitable and it was. The highlight of which was Byron Nelson being able to beat out Ben Hogan in sudden death. It was these two men actually taking one another on in a nail biting duel that lead to the tournament coming back after WWII. So, this tournament certainly earns it’s place in history because it helped to keep the Masters going.

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